About three years ago I took a leap of faith to leave my full time job and make building this company my mission. I contacted a realtor and found a medium sized building (about 2400 sq ft or 220 sq m) in an industrial area of Siloam Springs, AR to move into. I thought that after a few years we might be ready to hire someone to help out and the space could finally be fully utilized.

Fast forward to 2022 and we have grown thanks to your business and an outstanding line of products from our low cost MEMS inclinometers to educational products like our creep rigs and stick slip earthquake machines. In fact we’ve grown faster than anticipated which means we are out of space.

Magic Building

For the last year or so our current building has been magical. We would acquire some new equipment or get a job that took a lot of floor space and we would make it work. Just rearrange things, maybe go get another set of rolling shelves or a cart. The space opened up. Everyone here wondered how it happened, but really it was just making more and more efficient use of every corner of the space.

Turns out when you optimize the floor space, you run out all at once! About 4 months ago we hit that point. This came at the same time we decided to look into some larger metalworking equipment and bid on a job for a large device. Things went from tight to uncomfortable overnight. We were used to close quarters, but quickly found ourselves tripping over each other, storage, product, tooling, and basically anything else.

We hope to have some good news about alleviating the space crunch in a few weeks, but for now we are continuing to make it work as best as we can!

Shop Tour

It has been years since I showed you the shop and now is a great time because you can see first hand what I’m talking about. Enjoy this short video on a rapid fire Saturday night guided tour of our shop.

John Leeman
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