Custom Consulting

Unlock your project’s full potential with our specialized consulting services tailored to the intricacies of research and development, product creation, and industrial controls. Our team of experts is primed to infuse your project with extensive experience, cutting-edge tools, and innovative solutions while enabling you to concentrate on your core tasks. Let us navigate the intricate landscape of problem-solving and implementation, allowing your vision to materialize seamlessly.

Research and Development 

Embarking on new territory in research and development demands a unique approach. Our seasoned team excels at guiding projects from inception to realization. Whether your starting point is a mere concept, a napkin sketch, or a 3D model, we possess the resources, including multiple prototype and small-scale manufacturing lines, to propel your project forward.


Witness your ideas materialize through our comprehensive design services, 3D models, simulations, circuit board designs, and more.

Precision Machining

Our state-of-the-art machine shop is equipped with manual and CNC machinery capable of shaping, milling, cutting, and molding anything you need, from most any material.

Electronics Solutions

Explore our in-house prototype shop, fully equipped with test and fabrication facilities to cater to your electronic needs.

Streamlined Product Creation

Experience an agile product creation process with our rapid prototyping techniques, facilitating swift iterations from concept to market readiness. Benefit from our design for manufacturing optimizations for a polished and professional end product.

3D Printing Services

Utilize our 3D printers capable of producing anything from rapid prototypes using cost-effective PLA to robust first articles reinforced with carbon fiber for fundraising and testing purposes.

Rapid Electronics

Accelerate your electronics and firmware development processes with our rapid prototyping services. Our rapid process makes sure functionality is right before going to slower and costlier processes.

User-Focused Wireframes

Obtain early user feedback with our efficient wireframe solutions, enabling cost-effective adjustments to interface designs early in the process.

Industrial Controls Excellence

Leverage our expertise in designing and implementing equipment for diverse industrial settings, ensuring seamless operation and safety across manufacturing facilities and energy sector controls.

Custom Programming Solutions

Entrust our team to craft unique software solutions for your custom controls, spanning touch screens, PCs, or PLCs, providing a comprehensive service under one roof.

Seamless Implementation

Rest assured with our comprehensive network of industrial tradespeople, from electricians to plumbers. Our end to end implementation and maintenance services keep your operations up and running globally.

Rapid Service

We know the financial implications of downtime on your operations. Our team of skilled technicians is equipped to provide global maintenance services swiftly, ensuring minimal disruption to your business. Whether or not we were involved in the initial build, count on us to expedite the process and restore your operations promptly.