Problems keep being solved in the same tired ways.
It’s time for that to change.
Dr John Leeman

Our Story

Leeman Geophysical was started in 2015 by Dr. John Leeman to provide equipment and services for the geophysical and measurement market. John has a long history of finding unique ways to solve scientific measurement and computing challenges by combining an understanding of the fundamental physics of the problem, a scientist’s view of the setting, and a practical sensing background. In addition to solving problems, John is passionate about effective communication through the use of well-designed data graphics and clearly communicated methodology. We can provide a unique solution to any problem.

Why Orange?

One question we hear all the time is “why are your products orange?” When John was a little scientist, his grandfather loved the color orange and painted all of his tools with orange marks. This not only marked them as his (and kept his kids from permanently borrowing them), but the color made him happy. It’s for this reason we make our products stand out with orange casings, accents, or trim. We’re proud of our products, seeing orange makes us happy, and it means that quality is present. Any company can put electronics in a can, but our sensors are so much more than another silver metal cylinder in every way, including their orange color.


Richard "Bud" Burr

Our Team

John working on an instrument

Dr. John R. Leeman
Owner, Consultant

John founded Leeman Geophysical in 2015 and brings years of scientific and industrial instrumentation and design experience. John oversees projects, helps with overall project design, and performs most of the programming for our custom software and firmware. He holds a B.S. in geophysics and a B.S. in meteorology from the University of Oklahoma and a PhD in geoscience from Penn State.

John Blackman

John Blackman
Project Lead

John joined Leeman Geophysical in 2020 with a BS in Geology from the University of Arkansas. John does most of the mechanical design, machining, and fabrication of our projects. John’s geology background helps him work with geoscientists to build equipment that meets their unique needs.


Jonah Bailey

Jonah joined Leeman Geophysical in 2019 while still a high school student as an intern just learning to solder. Jonah now designs our circuit boards and handles most of our electronics. He also maintains and operates our laser cutting machines, pick and place line, and outgoing component testing.

Carla Leeman (dog)

Head of Security

Carla has been with the team since 2020 and is the head of shop security. She watches every move from her various posts in the facility and is always happy to grant visitor passes to those touring the property.

Mitzy Leeman (Dog)

Production Manager

Mitzy joined Leeman Geophysical in 2017 and has been overseeing production and scheduling. Mitzy is a partial remote worker and enjoys helping customers feel at home when meeting with the rest of the team.

Mitzy Leeman (Dog)

Caitlin Goddard
Office Administrator

Caitlin joined Leeman Geophysical in 2023 to provide administrative support to the team. If you need to give us a call, she’ll most likely be the first one you’ll speak with. Caitlin holds an AA from Northwest Arkansas Community College. She is new to the world of geoscience and is excited to learn more about it.

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