MEMS Inclinometer with Logger

Tilt meters are often large and expensive with external loggers and other associated equipment. The MEMS Inclinometer fits the budget and size of just about any project all while holding a respectable 0.0018 degree resolution and logging data to a built in SD card! Just add power! The fully IP-67 rated aluminum case houses the entire instrument, indicator lights, and SD card holder. Configuration is accomplished via a fully self-documented serial interface.

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Precision at an Affordable Price

Though not as precise as our electrolytic tilt meters, the differential MEMS technology used provides incredible precision at a nearly disposable price point making this instrument ideal for hazardous location deployments or deployments where microradian level precision is not required. Remote logging or telemetered setups can be achieved with a wide variety of custom mounting plates, brackets, and cables.

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Built for life in the field, the enclosure is made of billet 6061 anodized aluminum and tested to be IP67 compliant dust proof and water proof to 1m for up to 1 hour.

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Differential MEMS Technology

Revolutionary differential MEMS technology makes the MEMS inclinometer less expensive than electrolytic sensors while retaining amazing precision.

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No-Level Setup

Ideal performance is achieved between +/-30 degrees, but the tilt meter can perform up to +/-90 degrees, meaning it can be deployed in no-level setups via drone, rover, or other means.

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Magnetic Orientation

The orientation of the tilt meter can be obtained from the onboard magnetometer. This makes the instrument ideal for Lagrangian type applications such as fast flowing ice fields.

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Built In Logging

Logging is built right into the sensor, just add an SD card for storage of over a year.

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Low Power

Minimized power consumption means the inclinometer can run off of a small solar panel indefinitely and survive long battery only deployments.