In this week’s podcast, John and Shannon dive into when it is time to upgrade technology and when to leave good enough alone. It can be a difficult decision to let a perfectly good piece of gear go, but sometimes it is the right call. John recently dealt with this in upgrading a 3D printer and Shannon is debating over what to do with her aging GPS unit.

upgrade technology? Image of a GPS with upgrade written above it.

Shannon’s Dilemma

Though her old GPS works fine, well, mostly, it is slowly becoming not as well supported. It is also heavy, battery hungry, and has features like a camera that are not nearly as useful in the age of amazing camera phones with integrated GPS photo tagging.

John’s Dilemma

John has always carried a powerful laptop, a mobile workstation. In a recent trip overseas he really got tired of lugging it around. At one point a security officer at an airport even made fun of the size of the power brick. Is it time to embrace remote desktop and just carry a “dumb terminal”?

After listening to the podcast, if you decide it is time to upgrade the equipment in your lab, we can help! Drop us a line and find out how we can bring your equipment into tip top shape with our streamlined approach into process modernization!

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