We’re excited to announce the release of our new Type K Thermocouple Voltage Transmitter product! This product takes the tiny voltages produced by a Type K thermocouple and produces a clean linear output proportional to the temperature over a large range. The transmitter is perfect for measuring temperatures in systems that already have analog to digital converters measuring other process voltages.

Key Specifications

  • Ambient Temperature Range: 0 ­°C to 50 °C
  • Linear Measurement Range: -25 °C to +400 °C
  • Input Voltage: Nominal 24 VDC
  • Input Current: Nominal 0.015 A
  • Output: 6.7mV/°C
  • Output Offset: 1.3448 V at  0 °C
  • Removeable terminal block connections

The wide linear range of the amplifier covers most common applications, but the amplifier will produce output over the full Type K operating range of -200 °C to 1260 °C. Once outside of the linear range, the calibration becomes more complex with reduced sensitivity at the outer ranges. If your application requires extreme temperature operation, contact us for a full range calibration of your unit.

Powering the amplifier is easy, accepting a nominal 24 VDC input at only 15mA current required. The unit will operate from 12-26 VDC input, with small offsets in the data. Again we can calibrate your unit at other input voltages, but the errors are small across the input voltage spread. Don’t forget that thermocouples are generally only considered to be ±2 °C instruments without extreme care being taken in their calibration, documentation, and use!

Each unit comes from the factory calibrated to be within spec, but we are now able to offer NIST-Traceable calibration certificates for these units. For a nominal additional charge, your unit will be shipped with a calibration certificate good for 1-year. After that period you can send the unit back for recalibration or we can calibrate and re-certify on site.

How Hot is My Coffee?

Here at the lab, we take every measurement seriously and have discovered we simply can’t enjoy our coffee if it is not at the optimal temperature. Luckily, using our new Type-K Thermocouple Amplifier, we can wait for the ideal brew temperature!

We simply hooked the output of the amplifier to our handy multimeter, plugged in a Type-K thermocouple, and brewed up a cup of Joe! After a few seconds in the coffee we read a voltage of 1.91035 VDC at the output. The standard calibration for the unit is 149.2 x voltage – 200 °C.

Applying the correct calibration, we determined that 85.02 ­°C was the brewing coffee temperature. Turns out that’s a bit below the recommendations from the National Coffee Association of 90.5 °C to 96.1 °C, so our brewing machine is a bit cool and needs recalibration!

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