Quick Deploy Box

Deploying seismometers in the field is a labor intensive, tiring, and complex process. The quick deploy boy was designed by field seismologists to be an all in one kit for broadband station deployment that is “field brain” proof. Features like captive hardware, collapsible solar panels, and airline ready size make the QDB the ideal field companion for your deployment.

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You need to deploy… now. Make it easy with the Quick Deploy Box

Designed by Field Seismologists

Diana Roman in the field
Lara Wagner in the field

Dr. Diana Roman and Dr. Lara Wagner of the Carnegie Institution for Science brought their years of field experience into the workshop and designed a box to make deploying instruments easier. Working in both rapid response and long term deployment they designed a system that was robust, can be checked on an airplane, and was “field brain” proof. After presenting on this work at an IRIS Symposium on Instrumentation in Seismology, they asked Leeman Geophysical to help with the manufacture and cost reduction of the quick deploy box. The final product is ready to make your network quick deploy ready.


Key Features

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Compact Solar Array

The 30W solar panel array folds for storage in the lid of the case with 1″ webbing straps. The panels are connected with durable UV resistant cable and built in protection diodes. Solar panels  can be configured with your choice of connector.

Integrated Charge Controller

The solar charge controller is integrated right into the box. This gives you the option to house any common vehicle sized 12VDC lead acid battery or similar in the case (being sure to provide adequate ventilation for any charging byproducts).

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Versatile Solar Panel Mount

The solar panel mounting hardware folds nearly flat to be packed away into the QDB. Solar panels are secured with thumb screws. The solar panel mounting bracket can be secured to the top of the QDB with quick release pins or to poles or other structures on site with easily obtainable hardware such as hose and muffler clamps. All hardware is light but durable 6000 series Aluminum and built to last in harsh field envirionments. 

GPS Mount

Keep your GPS in prime position with the integrated GPS mounting plate. The solar array helps keep the antenna out of the weather but with a clear view of the sky. The mounting plate may be customized to fit your antenna or with generic dimensions to accommodate most common antennas. 

QDB Coin Screwdriver

Captive Hardware

Dropping hardware in the field can ruin your day. The screws and pins of the quick deploy box are captive to prevent accidental drops and mishaps. Screws stay put in the holes and pins are secured with steel rope. Slots machined into screws allow the use of coins are tools making the QDB require no tools to deploy other than the change in your pocket.


Connectors to pass your seismometer signals, GPS antenna, telemetry antenna, solar panels, and more! Built to your specifications, the connector panel is completely customized to fit your deployment needs.

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Coming soon

Custom Mounting Points

Your QDB can be customized to fit your equipment. Data loggers, telemetry radios, and more can be affixed with custom mounting plates. Cradles for sensor transport can cushion your instrument’s journey. Submit your quote request today to see what we can make your QDB do you for!