Instrument Orientation Tool

Orienting instruments in post holes, bore holes, or even on the surface has never been easier! Just turn on the laser and take a reading from your trusty Brunton compass!

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Instrument Orientation Made Easy and Inexpensive

If you’ve ever deployed a seismometer or other magnetic instrument in the field, you’ve likely been frustrated with how difficult it is to measure it’s orientation. You can’t get your compass close, but you want to take a measurement. The inexpensive solution has been to use a straight edge top-hole that is visually aligned with the seismometer and measure that. It’s not that accurate, can be time consuming, and is subject to the bias of the technician. The other options are gyrocompasses that can run into six figures or determining the orientation with time consuming post-processing. This tool makes the process simple, fast, and inexpensive.

1. Attach your compass

Insert your compass (not included) and secure it with the two brass thumb screws. Your compass can be set to the correct magnetic declination or set to zero and rotated later!

2. Turn on the laser

Turn on the laser with the recessed weather resistant push button. Look past the thin section of the instrument and line up the laser with the orientation marker on the instrument.

3. Take the reading

Using the included bubble level near the center of your field of vision, level the instrument and press the lock button on your compass with your right thumb. You have just measured the orientation of your instrument in less than 30 seconds!