We love 80/20 T-slot rail. It’s a quick way to make frames and supports for instruments, experimental gear, and even some strong storage fixtures. One of the common issues when making a frame with 80/20 is that it needs to be installed on an un-level concrete floor, or maybe is a moveable frame that will be used outdoors. The 80/20 company doesn’t really have a great solution for this problem. Normally it involves cutting a short piece of rail, securing it to the frame with a bracket, the the threading the end for a leveling foot. It takes a wrench to adjust and involves several expensive brackets. It works, but it doesn’t look or feel clean and costs too much.

2018-09-07 17.22.27.jpg

Recently were were working on a project and just got tired of this expensive and inefficient leveling method, so we solved the problem. We designed and machined a custom block that attaches to the end of 15 series frame components with a recessed socket head cap screw and locks into the slots to prevent rotation. Then a plastic dust cap covers the attachment and a standard 1/2”-13 leveling foot can screw into the bracket. A knob can then be added for on the fly adjustment. It’s a quick, simple, and versatile solution.

We took the chance to learn how to powder coat parts in-house, but ended up settling on our signature orange anodized finish to protect the brackets from any corrosion and make them look snappy. It’s also a visual cue to the potential trip hazard of the frame edges.

After successfully using these in two projects, we made a version for four slot and single slot rails. These are useful enough, we’ve decided to release them as their own product! You can buy them in the store now!


We can even customize your order with laser engraved logos or text, perfect for identifying equipment serial numbers, etc. Just send us an email for details on this fast and inexpensive service.

If you need help designing a custom solution for your lab, remember that quotes are always on the house and our friendly consultants are happy to answer questions!

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