Gerry is a graduate student at the University of Oklahoma. As part of his work he needed to take measurements of the magnetic field locked inside of core samples at liquid nitrogen temperatures. There was one problem: his instrument had no way to contain the liquid nitrogen or keep the sample cold. Gerry and his advisor contacted Leeman Geophysical LLC and the brainstorm began.


Design to part

Gerry’s problem wasn’t something that could be solved with the equipment on hand. He had a rough sketch of a liquid nitrogen canister that could fit into the instrument, but was worried about how long it could keep the sample cold, if the instrument would get too cold, and if any materials could stand up to the -196 C chill of the nitrogen. We were able to take his measurements and in a few hours design a double walled sample container to hold the samples

and keep them cold. To be non-magnetic and withstand the temperature extremes we needed to use Teflon, a soft plastic that would be difficult to make with the thin walls and tight tolerances required. We also conducted some modeling to see how much each part of the container would shrink when cold to ensure that no tolerances were violated.


Rapid Machining Service

With our in house machining capabilities, many projects never leave our shop. Some projects may require equipment outside of our capabilities and are accomplished with the aid of skilled local machinists. In a few days, Gerry’s parts were ready to be tested and shipped.


Problem Solved

After receiving the sample container, Gerry was able to collect the measurements he needed without problems. Working with us saved time and money in addition to getting a quality tool. “We contracted Leeman Geophysical to build a specialized double walled teflon well for magnetic experiments and we are very pleased with the parts and service he provided. John provided us with a functional design that allows a very tricky experiment to run smoothly. Despite working with challenging material, he was able to mill the parts to our exact specifications. John works in a timely manner and keeps in touch with you throughout the entire process.”

We’ve helped many other customers just like you solve problems from making a custom sample holder or 3D printing a bracket to complete redesigns of complex electromechanical systems. No matter what you’re facing, we can help.

John Leeman
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