Every lab is different, but having a few basic tools can help any group troubleshoot and maintain their equipment. It doesn’t need to be expensive either! This month I’ll share a few of my favorite budget friendly tools that no lab should be without.


The first rule of troubleshooting is “thou shall measure voltages.” This handy instrument can cost about $50 and provide years of troubleshooting service with some basic training.
Recommendation: ExTech EX330



Wrenches, Pliers,
Hex Keys


The basic tools you’ll need to get things apart and back together. Be sure to be ready for imperial and metric fasteners!
Stanley STMT73795







You’ll always need a way to scrape off adhesive, pry apart cases, or clean surfaces. Have a variety of scrapers including plastic, metal, and razor. Having some gentle solvents nearby is also a good idea.

e83aac6e-5056-4e7b-b3c6-8a9c6ddf1658.jpgLighted Magnifiers

You can never have enough light on the subject! With electromechanical mechanisms getting smaller and smaller, a lighted magnifier is essential for any lab.

Aven 26505


Your Smartphone


Almost everyone has one, you may even been reading this on one! There are a variety of engineering calculators and useful apps to aid your troubleshooting. It’s also how you call us!

Be sure to search for answers to your questions on forums and sites such as stack overflow.

If you are still stumped on a problem, need custom equipment, software, or technical services, don’t hesitate to click below and find out how affordable your solution can be!

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