Paleomagnetic Sample Handler Retrofit

Handling rocks in cryogenic magnetometers is delicate business. Our servo controlled sample handler is the most accurate, fastest, and most reliable in the industry. Gone are the days of bulky and expensive stepper motor controllers and loose steps and repeatability if the smallest thing goes wrong! Our system redesigns the classic sample handlers from magnetometer manufacturers in a modern and robust way. There are no limit switches to fail, no optical interrupter flags to knock out of alignment, and no messy grease required. These samples handlers are designed to work with our PCORE paleomagnetic control and acquisition software – compatible with the rest of your existing system and with an exciting touch screen interface!

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Tired of that noisy and slow sample handler?

This sample handler is unlike any offered to the paleomagnetic community before. It’s the fastest, quietest, and most reliable product on the market. It interfaces with your existing equipment and can be installed by our team of professionals over the weekend.

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Servo Driven

Smooth, quiet, and accurate servos drive the sample handler. These servos use the most advanced tuning techniques to keep your samples exactly where they are supposed to be without losing steps like their stepper counterparts. These servos don’t even need limit switches, no more waiting on long homing cycles.

Easy to Maintain

The sample handler is designed with maintenance in mind. The system is easy to maintain requiring only a few minutes each month of preventative maintenance and easy to change wear pads. 

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