Hail Ruler

This handy measuring tool is designed for measuring hail stones, but will find many other uses. It is great for documenting hail seen on storm chases or at your house for reporting to the National Weather Service or your insurance company. This tool has a ton a features!

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Designed by meteorologists and shop experts to pack as many features as possible into a small tool, the hail ruler is a multi-use measurement tool ideal for reporting hail, or anything else you need to measure in a photo. Checkout our blog post on all the ways to use it!

  • Hail Ruler
  • Metric and imperial scale
  • Scale for colloquial hail sizes (pea, marble, etc.)

  • Corner cut-out for easy measurement of messy corners

  • Area to write your name and/or twitter handle for social media reporting

  • Hole for lanyard/loop attachment to keep your ruler handy

  • Outside scale for measuring depth of snow/hail/anything in metric and imperial

  • Made out of high quality FR4 printed circuit board material with a black finish and gold flash coating on the ruler divisions.

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WARNING: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.